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Coriander seeds start growing as green and as they ripen they turn brown which get arisen from small, pale pink flowers. In Indian cooking, there is an extensive usage of both leaves and seeds which are collectively referred to as Dhania.

The leaves and the seeds have varied flavours aromas and properties which is why they are used in numerous ways at the different stages of the cooking process.

Roots of the coriander plant have also been used as an ingredient for some cuisines like Thai food. Madhvik Coriander powder and seeds contain anti-oxidants and compounds having antibacterial properties which make it useful for medicinal purposes.

For marinating it is a great spice to be used as it helps to reduce the food spoilage. Because of its calming effect, coriander really helps with insomnia and is also used for treating anxiety.


  • In India, to get relived from cold and to reduce sinus problems, people use the fragranced water that comes by boiling Madhvik coriander seeds.
  • For intestinal and stomach problems like nausea, diarrhea, etc. it is advised to take the coriander by mouth.
  • Not only for intestinal problems but also for treating insomnia, anxiety, and infections that are caused by bacteria and fungus, it is good to consume coriander by mouth.
  • On top of all that, to cure the diseases like joint pain, worms, and swelling taking coriander by mouth is advised.
  • To increase the milk flow in the breast-feeding women, coriander can be of great use.
  • To prevent food poisoning, coriander can be used as a culinary spice.
  • To add fragrance to soaps and cosmetics and to give a flavouring agent in tobacco and medicines, coriander is used.