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Resisting on Italian food is indeed difficult. So why should one resist on Italian food when you have a healthy Italian dish called Pasta. As per recent research, people who eat pasta regularly have a better diet quality as it can manage the blood sugar levels and can lead to greater nutrients. Over consumption of everything is bad so same is with pasta as it is high in carbohydrates. For people who are allergic to gluten or are gluten sensitive should not eat pasta as it contains gluten and can cause issues.

On the contrary, pasta provides some great nutrients which are really important for your health. Pasta is made from durum wheat and water and is normally a type of noodle. Pasta can be formed into several shapes which is then cooked in boiling water.

Some of the commonly consumed pasta are: Spaghetti, Ravioli, Penne Fusilli, Macaroni and Vermicelli.

Here are some useful tips which can help you to make your Madhvik pasta healthier:

  • Always boil it and add some fresh vegetables, meat, eggs and a light zingy dressing
  • Mind the usage of oil as less oil would be helpful or you can also substitute your regular oil with olive oil.
  • Another filling and healthy dish is to make pasta salads.

OnePanPasta! (Recipie)

Follow the steps below:

  • Pick the biggest pan you can
  • Chop thin garlic, chilli and onion
  • Add a dash of sliced chilli
  • Place Madhvik pasta on the pan
  • Do not put the pan on the flame yet
  • Place all the sliced ingredients in the pan
  • Sprinkle some basil leaves over
  • Add two cups of water to the pan
  • Now turn on the flame and keep stirring
  • Use a pair of tongs to rotate it
  • Sprinkle some salt and pepper over
  • Once it’s dry, grate some cheese on it and stir again for a creamy, yummy texture
  • The yummy Madhvik pasta is ready! Serve hot.